where did we go wrong

like, I miss when you could actually meet people irl after texting them online n not having 2 worry about whether they r killers/pedophiles undercover. like wtf i wanna be able 2 meet ppl. I’m not saying early 2000s were like the best 4 body positivity n shit like that but damn we don’t want that side of it, we want 2 take the good things not like “thigh gap” n that shit making ppl want 2 kill themselves 

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Naomi :3

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there was a time you could meet people and not worry about pedophiles??? i dont recall a time like that, i request more information

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i meant that the possibilities were lower, of course ppl were freaks even b4 internet so yeah but internet wasn’t this blob of hate n problematic shit. maybe I’m romanticizing my infancy but i feel like there r so many bad things on the internet that didn’t use 2 be there

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