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well it's not really random but it will most likely be about...erm.. spider noir... sigh, yes i know kind of cringe but whatever i HAVE FREE WILL AND I DONT SWEARRRRR....

anyways! :3

i love spider noir sm like i wanna bite into his skull like a apple and GAHDSHDH i... LOVE his fit and i love that he is like kind of grimy but in a fancy way like...ALSO THAT HE HAS A CAT NAMED DING DING (i think) IS FARTIN TOOTIN AWESOME..(i have two cats maybe thats why).
I love both of his outfits like.. in the comic and the movies???? sigh. i js am a simple man who simply likes a guy with black hair and glasses who may or may not have one of the best fashion sense ever../j
ALSO not to mention i've been on and off obsessed with him AND that i have this corner in my room just filled with trinkets and charms and bells and whistles related or have the same vibe to him + a made by me poster and pins:33333
SIGHHHHHHH i just cannot express how much i love this guy even if he may or may not had cheated on mj with cat woman or sumth... but like... teeehee i'll let that slide >_>

okay sneezchu rant over

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