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further about me

i dont really want my about me on my profile to be filled with various informations, since i feel most of it is generally* irrelevant to what i plan to post, so heres some extra stuff that people may be interested in knowing

*some of it may impact the lens i analyse things with ofc, since it is my lived experience

trans male, not going to list all the pronouns i use here since i doubt people will ever need to use them much, so just use he/him for me

i generally consider myself to be aro/ace, although thats not exactly 100% correct. i may have bisexual tendencies but i dont really care about it too much at the moment, so in reality i just dont label myself

white, mom immigrated here

ive been through shit in my childhood that left my brain fucked. trying to function as more of a normal person though

i hope to come across as a kind person

i dont want anyone who has fetishes rooted in incest or pedophilia to try adding me. cant believe i have to say this. please stay far away from me

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