my therapist said i need to go to a MENTAL HOSPITAL?!?!? (real) {NOT CLICKBAIT}

Bruh this mf was like "we may have to send you to a mental hospital if you begin plotting blah blah blah " LIKE GIRL USHDJAHBDJFBHJ LEAVE ME ALONNEEE

i probably do need to go to one but I DONT WANT TO becuase theyre scary. I like normal hospitals, but mental hospitals are SPOOKY...

anyway, nothing else interesting is goin on BYEEEEE

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just know, assuming you're a US resident (and this might apply to other countries), if a person mentions s/h or committing, therapists are legally required to ask if the person feels safe enough to go home, otherwise they'll have to be sent to a mental hospital

it's upsetting cus sometimes you do need to express you feel that way, but it's not safe to do with therapists, despite them being professionals

as someone who's been in mental institutions around 20 times due to "suicide ideation," i can at least guarantee UNLESS YOU'RE GONNA PHYSICALLY FIGHT OTHER PATIENTS, mental hospitals are just boring as fuck. 5-7 days without a phone, and you're lucky if a trans person talks to you

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sounds depressing my sister went to one once, and she told me it sucked. i know all situations are different, ive just heard a lot of bad things. thanks for reassurance (if thats what you were trying to do IDK) but yeah. im not concerned, its just annoying xD

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