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song of the day!!

todyas song of the day (dont mind theres 84 min to midnight xD) is "argument" by fugazi!

for their harsh sounding post-hardcore label, this is surely a soothed out song :D gently strummed guitars and light percussion work wonders and make a strong contrast with the anti-war lyrical theme. my favorite line of the lyrics (which ian mackaye melodically sings with the same hushed quality, a tone ive fallen in love with) is:
its all about strikes now, so heres whats striking me:
that some punk could argue some moral abcs
a great closer to an excellent album. theres not a wasted second in this song, from the very sparse staccato notes in the intro to the climax towards the end :D i loved this track from first listen, even when that was a live version i watched on youtube <3 it is also my current obsession in as of writing this entry xD

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