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cars i fw

disclaimer: i know jack shit about cars so this list is entirely based on how cool i think they look

Scion xB (2003-2015)

pictured: first generation, 2006 model


this and *maybe* the nissan cube are the only good cube cars… the kia soul just makes me mad for some reason

you may think this is just a shitbox but hear me out… repaint it white, get some red wheels, and LOWER that mf suspension till it cant clear a speedbump

Ford Crown Victoria (1992-2007)

pictured: 2006 model

this is the car i get my dick sucked in

im pretty sure a lot of police departments across the US used these as their police cars in the 2000s but as long as im not driving into a town that is stuck in a time loop that spans from 2000 to 2008 i should be alright

Toyota AE86 Series (1983-2000)

pictured: toyota sprinter trueno (i cant determine what year)


yes this is the initial d car man FUCK i really want one of these… ion even think they released this outside of japan tho 😭😭😭

Suzuki Esteem (1995-2002)

pictured: 2002 model

maybe its a good thing suzuki stopped making cars in the US so they couldnt ruin their designs like toyota did with the fucking xB… the second generation looks like you can mold it like a thing of playdoh

this is the OTHER car i fuck bitches in

Lada 110 (1995-2009)

pictured: unknown year, before 2003

im NEVER going online again cause i keep seeing cool ass cars i know i will never see let alone get to drive

FUCK this is so hard and if i lived in eastern europe this would probably be pretty cheap but i DONT LIVE in eastern europe… i live in fucking FLORIDA and the closest one of these to me is in fucking ESTONIA

im checking this site rn and theyre selling em in serbia and hungary for like $1500 (no idea if its automatically converted to USD or if they use the same symbol for their currency in those countries)… they dont know how good they have it fr

Toyota Celica (1970-2006)

pictured: fifth generation GT-S, 1990 model

ive known my dad for sixteen years and only yesterday did i learn that he owned one of these

this shape is so beautiful… im in love in the era when cars were slowly transitioning from being sharp and boxy to round and fluid and shit… and the POP-UP HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!!!! OH MY GODDDDDDD

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crown vic is highkey a gem I always make sm crazy build with it when I get it in forza or wtvr cause its so funny to make a crown vic go 220mph or make it a drift king

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yeah thats like one of the few fords i fw along with the mustang (which i actually drive lmao) cause pavement princesses f250s left a bad taste in my mouth

by transfemtayk2017; ; Report

yuh american manufacturers are hit or miss in general at least imo, when I start driving and shi I just want a lil corolla or sm man at least to start out with

by Rainy; ; Report