doccer who

since ill likely mainly post about doctor who here i guess ill make a quick post detailing what characters i like and what ive watched.

ive watched all of the fifth doctor episodes, all of the ninth doctor episodes, series 3, and all of the twelfth doctor episodes. i plan to watch all of the fifteenth/ncuti (ah, the numbering discourse...) episodes. ive also watched the end of time, out of curiosity about whats happening with simm mas. twelve was my first doctor. not the most concerned about watching the other doctors, but i hope to watch the eighth doctors movie and may dabble into a few episodes of other doctors. i plan to watch series 2, and potentially one or two episodes of series 3, ones with donna in it.

watching series 3 (and the end of time) was relatively recent -- this month!

im not exactly the best at deciding likes and favorites, but i was interested in tegan the moment i saw her on screen, and adrics death occupies a fair share of my mind. in terms of nuwho, rose becoming bad wolf was really cool, and missy is really neat :D you can probably deduce i have some sort of interest in simm mas as well. fifteen seems like hell be a really fun and enjoyable doctor.

my one of my friends have said it associates me with missy.

i hope we can all get along!

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