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Thoughts that should be in my journal #1

I've come to love, truly love, differences. I'm fascinated by a story of someone's life. How much more different they grew up than I did, what they've learned, what they know. And from that, I now know that differences are what love is all about. 

From loving differences, you learn that THAT is what having an "open-mind" is. That's what living a life without judgement is. Surrounding yourself by what is different is how you grow as a human being. To me, a mature and intelligent individual is someone surrounded by the unusual and being completely enamored by it all. 

It's human nature to be curious; to want to know. To approach difference with disdain is to deny the opportunity for growth... For knowledge. It's okay to not agree with something obviously, but you should try to understand it first. Understanding is where acceptance starts and it ends with peace.

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