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due to unfortunate circumstances im back.

tumblr has been my primary social media for 14 years. I joined in 2012. and it's falling apart.

i hate change, but I went thru this when i realized deviantart was never gonna be what it used to be. i've decided that i'm not gonna be upset anymore i'm just going to have fun online. I think i'm gonna redo my layout and make shit look all SMEXEH and start, like. talking to people for fun again instead of just posting my art and hiding from my notifs.

i need to work on my neocities site too but i actually found a good place to host my art so... I think maybe ill be able to keep posting my art like i do on tumblr.

i'm hiilumaru on bluesky and gutterglitter on toyhouse if anyone wants to follow me there while i figure out what i'm going to do first.

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OUF yeah i got here from the recent tumblr shenanigans too. I've also got a neocities site cookin rn though it'll be a while before that's done, cant wait to see yours!

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it's currently up right now! Here! i had an idea for making the layour better last night though so it's definitely a wip and I wanna make a better gallery on account of i mostly used tumblr for sharing art but it's still at least passable as a webbed site! :D I can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

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