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SCP ideas i came up with but havent created because i cant write

im most likely not writing these into full-fleshed SCP pieces (or at least not publishing them to the official site because they suck) so have fun with these... but if you do put em on the site please at least mention my name or something

  • an mp3 player with every song ever on it
  • a car that lets you fast travel
  • a baking tray that makes weed brownies when you try to bake brownies with it regardless of if you actually put weed in the brownie mix
  • a prop skeleton that teleports behind doors to jumpscare you when you open said door
  • the inability for americans to use the metric system
  • a building whose interior only exists when it is being observed, although this is unprovable because EVERYTHING counts as observation, and researchers can't decide whether this is a real anomalous property of the building, or if merely the belief that the interior only exists when it is being observed is the actual anomaly
  • american cars with the driver's side on the right
  • a kobe bryant jersey that summons an entity in the form of kobe bryant to beat the shit out of you if you play poorly while wearing it
  • michael jordan and larry bird in a time loop in front of a mcdonalds playing HORSE
  • a public bathroom door that transports you to your bathroom at your house when you enter it
  • all of kanye west's works and public appearances since 2002; anomalous because he died in that car crash he rapped about in through the wire
  • an apartment in which loud noises are always audible originating from the apartment directly above it, regardless of if that apartment is actually occupied
  • game-worn NBA jerseys that give you the abilities of the players they correspond to, but you eventually begin believing yourself to be that player if you wear the jersey for too long
  • some guy that has a USB port in his head that you can use to download his memories or upload knowledge directly into his brain; he's also got other ports like CD drives and ps2 controller ports and shit
  • a bottle of 611-in-1 shampoo that has weird uses like "donor blood" and "butter substitute" but somehow works with no issues
  • a ruler that makes its user think every length measured by it is a python error
  • a signifiant part of the human population that, despite behaving as expected for humans, consist of hollow shells with no internal organs whatsoever
  • a wrecked car with a body inside of it; anomalous because the cadaver's DNA matches a living person who owns an identical car except it's not wrecked
  • an area in lithuania that heavily resembles san antonio, texas, whose residents believe themselves to be americans within san antonio
  • a copy of nba 2k that lets you manipulate real NBA games
  • the state of wyoming; anomalous because any people who claim to be living there are actually living in adjacent states, and any people actually present within the state believe themselves to be anywhere in the world but wyoming
  • a guy whose face cannot be described (it's there and you can see it but it's got an anomalous property that makes it so that you are incapable of describing it)

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You could get most of these onto the log of anomalous items with minimal editing since they're relatively tame anomalies

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you right… i need to step my game up

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