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DNI (might edit this cuz im not right a lot)

1. I'm not into politics so dont talk to me about it. i simply do not like to be involved in it especially when its about wars or killing, law etc. It may upset others opinions and i do not have time for arguing. Please respect..

2.People who say don't bully, judge or make fun of the things they like but proceeds to make fun of what others like just because you find it weird, I mean I get it might be weird but if they are not putting it on Ur face or forcing you to know about it that's good. But at least respect it if you don't like it , then leave they will find someone who dose appreciate what they like ( don't start acting like a bitch who thinks is better then them just because you hate it and think its not "mature" not everyone is the same..)

3. people who hate on another person for what they listen to for example there's a lot of people who hates anyone who likes MSI, yes im aware that they are a horrible person. Thats why there's something that exits called separate the art from the artist  ik it might not do much but at least i do not support the artist actions.. this goes to other bands, (but if its like really bad like NSBM people who put bad racist and etc. lyrics in their songs (like about being a n4zi or killing j3ws or stuff like that)then yeah you cant really separate the art from the artist. so let what people want to listen, if u don't like it leave. (expect NSBM that's unacceptable)

4. New toxic johnnie Guilbert fans... some of you are very sexual with him and its very gross the amount of toxic fans sending him inappropriate things to him makes me throw up. Some of them even think they know him so well or make jokes about his appearance or family members, he has been through so much. dealing with depression and problems as a fan watching him for about 7 years (2018) not much but i really know what he has been through, i even know not to make jokes about his dead dad he is only allowed to make those jokes. He has set boundaries and nobody cares like wow. some of you toxic ones even think you know everything trying to educate old fans with false or weird incorrect info and its really annoying because when we educate you, you guys get angry, none of you respect. (Now non toxic new fans I'm really glad and proud you guys are cool and chill with him you guys respect and know what your doing you guys are fine and love u guys!!!)


6. BOTDF okay u guys are the worst thing ever i don't even need to explain myself pretty obvious you guys are in love with some p3do gr00mer blegh Xp gross ( i will block any BOTDF fan)

Might add more ...

please tell me if there are any bad spelling errors or grammar, English is not my first language. 

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Elle Michaelis

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So real about the new toxic Johnnie Guilbert fans

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