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i'm currently logged in the school pc :3 haiiii !!!! how r u all???? aghhashdasd i gotta study A LOADDD today sob :( i even have a stupid english course with a teacher i fon't even like blehaehfg ew

anywasysy i went viral w a video with the rozzy chill audio !! so far it got like 95k+ likes tihiiii ;3

proud of myself for once >:p

also i'm 3 weeks+ clean!! the cuts are a bit visibl e but hey i mean i haven't cut in a while !!! 

ALSOOO today i learnt that a classmate of mine watched hazbin hotel!!!! sadly she doesn't like vox much but she likes angel dust and sir pentious!!!!! she's also.a big alastor fan....meh i don't blame her. he's pretty tbf, but not AAAAALLAT. blehghgghgh i think i might have to go back learning about boring disks or something

all part of plan a ig, but worry not!! i have other plans in case plan a fails!!!

i ain't tellin tho LMAO

baiii :3

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