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duster songs brackeT!!

since duster is more popualr around here i thought maybe people would like to see wht duscter songs i like and whihc i kill ruthlessly in the form of an elimination bracket >:3 the order is random btw!!

duster songs bracket

this is how the color palette thingy i talked about in my recent bulletin look s in practice :) i donr really like how these look but yeah

sorry for fans of their self-titled, i never got into that one! instead i fill the gaps with songs from their valium aggelein project, whihc is p much as worthy of appraisal as dusters discog, maybe in a different sonic realm :3

but yeah, essentially we got all studio albums except duster, all the eps, some songs from their experimental dust bootleg and some from capsule losing contact (title track in particular is mind-bending xD)

so,,. do you like it? im open to being bashed for crappy taste, give me your worst >:)

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