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a guide to Pink Floyd, by a Pink Floyd expert ! (popular albums, songs, members, ECT)

popular albums and songs

Pink Floyd’s most popular album is The Dark Side Of The Moon, it’s likely you have seen the album cover on shirts. more of their popular albums include Wish You Were Here and The Wall. their most popular song is Wish You Were Here and Another Brick in the Wall Part 2. some more of their popular songs include Comfortably Numb, Breathe (In The Air), and Money. the most common songs to see on the radio are Wish You Were Here, Money, Welcome To The Machine, and Hey You. (this is from my personal experiences with the radio, it’s not accurate to google.)

years of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd made music from 1967 - 2014, this is about 47 years they made music, if my math is correct. Pink Floyd was most popular in the 70s, with the albums Atom Heart Mother (1970), Meddle (1971), Obscured By Clouds (1972), The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977), and The Wall (1979). Pink Floyd released a lot of music in the 70s. in the year 1969, Pink Floyd released 2 albums. More and Ummagumma

song and album lengths

Pink Floyd has some pretty long songs, these songs include Shine On You Crazy Diamond at 26 minutes (when you put the 2 halves together, i’ll get more into that later.) Atom Heart Mother at 23 minutes long, Echoes also at 23 Minutes long. the albums with the most tracks are The Endless River (Deluxe Version) with 27 tracks, and The Wall, with 26 tracks. the shortest Pink Floyd song is Stop, at 31 seconds long. the shortest album is Animals with 5 tracks, and being 42 minutes long. there’s multiple albums with 5 tracks though, Wish You Were Here at 44 minutes long, and Atom Heart Mother at 52 minutes.

multiple-part songs

Pink Floyd’s multiple part songs are Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Another Brick in the Wall. Shine On You Crazy Diamond has 9 parts, but is just 2 halves, so it’s 2 parts in a way. the 2 halves are parts 1-5 and 6-9. Another Brick in the Wall has 3 parts. each part featuring different lyrics, but holding the same message, kind of. Shine On You Crazy Diamond has the same meaning behind each part, the song is about the former band member, Syd Barrett. Another Brick in the Wall has the overall message of the experiences being another reason for the character of the album to isolate himself (i’ll get more into it’s storyline later). 

the storyline of The Wall

The Wall is an album created in 1979. i wanted to add this section for 2 reasons. The Wall is my favorite album, and there’s an entire story for it. The Wall tells the story of someone named Pink, it starts from when he was a baby. The Thin Ice is when Pink was born, Another Brick in the Wall part 1 has him as a child. if you’re watching the movie, When The Tigers Broke Free has him as a child also. a bit later it has him as an adult, he becomes a famous music artist who later spirals and isolates himself. The Wall is an R rated movie due to the large amount of nudity in it. mostly around where the song Young Lust plays. Young Lust features Pink wanting a dirty woman, as it states in the lyrics. (“ooohh, i need a dirty woman, ooohh, i need a dirty girl”). after that in One Of My Turns is when things really get bad. he’s lashing out on his wife (yes he has a wife in Young Lust too), he’s breaking things, throwing things. in Don’t Leave Me Now he’s attempting to bring his wife back, ending in failure. later on in In The Flesh (also in In The Flesh? at the beginning) Pink holds a show, after being unconscious and needing medical attention in Comfortably Numb. he doesn’t want to go, shown in The Show Must Go On, and Stop. in The Trial, Pink gets arrested, and held at trial (hence the name The Trial). where he is sentenced to have his greatest fear come true, having his wall torn down. 

band members

the band members are Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour. Syd Barrett left the band after helping with the album A Saucerful Of Secrets. Syd Barrett left due to mental illness and drug usage. after Syd Barrett left in 1968, David Gilmour had joined the band. Roger Waters was the co-founder of the band and the bassist when they formed. after Barrett left Waters became the main lyricist and lead singer. Waters made popular writings and his political writing was a hit among fans. he wrote the most popular albums in the 70s. Roger Waters left the band in 1985 after creating what is sometimes seen as a solo album of his, The Final Cut. Nick Mason was the bands drummer and the only member to have been a part of the band from beginning to end, and the only one to have been on every album. Richard Wright was the band’s piano player. he was one of the original members and had left in 1981 but rejoined in 1992.


there’s 2 types of language this is referring to; the actual language, which is English. and the use of certain words. Pink Floyd’s lyrics don’t tend to have cussing and i can only think of 4 songs with curse words off the top of my head. Nobody Home, Money, Lost For Words, and The Trial.  Pink Floyd also uses more meaningful words to express the meaning to you.

Lumi’s personal opinions 

i am a large Pink Floyd fan, multiple people have told me they have never met someone who knows more about Pink Floyd than me. (this isn’t to say nobody in the world knows more than me, somebody somewhere does.) so of course i’m going to have my own opinions. i have a lot more favorites than least favorites though ! my favorite band members are Roger Waters and David Gilmour. i often find myself relating to their lyrics. my favorite albums are The Wall and The Division Bell. again, i can often find myself relating to these albums. my favorite songs; there’s a lot of them. so buckle up, because i can’t choose just one favorite ! my favorite songs include Wish You Were Here, Time, Wearing The Inside Out, Nobody Home, Comfortably Numb, The Show Must Go On, Vera, High Hopes, Keep Talking, Fearless, and Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk. that’s 11 songs, but i love them all a lot. of course, there’s a lot more i could add to that list. now my least favorites, my least favorite album is either The Final Cut or The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux (this is NOT the original album, i love the original one. this is Roger Waters’ 2023 remake of it, which i personally did not like so please don’t mistake it as the original Pink Floyd one ^_^) my least favorite song is probably Atom Heart Mother, i’m not exactly the biggest fan of just instrumentals; which is funny coming from a large Pink Floyd fan isn’t it? i can listen to songs such as Echoes or Shine On You Crazy Diamond, but 23 whole minutes of JUST instrumentals? i can’t do that !

how are the members currently doing?

each member has their own artist profile outside of Pink Floyd. unfortunately, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright have passed away. Roger Waters still makes music, and i have checked his twitter page and artist profile. he last made music in 2023 when he remade The Dark Side Of The Moon. David Gilmour also last made music in 2023, i haven’t checked if he had any other socials yet. Nick Mason last made music in 2020, and again i haven’t checked for any other socials. 

random things to know

there are some songs such as In The Flesh? that start very low. as someone who has been listening to Pink Floyd for a while and listened to a lot of the same albums a bunch of times, i have thought that my phone stopped working before when in reality, it was just the beginning of a Pink Floyd song. Pink Floyd has a lot of songs that transition into each other. one album, The Wall, has songs that are called "transitional songs" because their only purpose is to transition into other songs, while they are not supposed to add to the storyline, i personally found some new information within them. so it can be hard to listen to albums with the tracks out of order, you’d be waiting for a transition to happen then it just plays a different song. Pink Floyd also has some long instrumental solos, such as in Echoes. in Echoes the instrumental solo is 19 minutes long. or Atom Heart Mother, Atom Heart Mother is a 23 minute long instrumental song and is the longest Pink Floyd song that is not cut into parts.

what should i first listen to as a new listener?

i’d personally say first listen to The Dark Side Of The Moon, as it’s the most popular album. if you’d like to see more political and deep writing i’d recommend The Wall, if you like long instrumentals i’d recommend Wish You Were Here. those are the first 3 i’d recommend, later on you can find your preference through them and start listening to what you think could be cool. The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn features a type of style that i personally think sounds like a cartoon. while albums made later such as The Wall feature a more deep style. there is no correct answer to the question in my opinion, it’s all up to personal preference. so look through Pink Floyd’s music (if you want to) and have fun ! ^_^

^ this GIF is Wish You Were Here

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