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dni/interact/byi :P


basic DNI criteria (bigots, basically. hating on ppl who have done nothing wrong 2 u) + supporters

proshippers/comshippers + supporters

tcc/gore mfers + supporters


terfs, also ppl that don't respect pronouns in general

preps (ppl that make fun of alternative styles)

ppl that believe ronnie radke is a good person (same goes for MSI and BOTDF) listeners r okay as long as ur aware they're not good ppl

ppl that get on here and make callout posts/start drama (drama queens r fine, luv u guys)

ppl under the age of 13

ppl that only interact to promote their shitty music. im NOT listening to it


EVRY1!!! as long as ur chill and aren't on the DNI list lolzz

especially emos and ppl that i share interests with


i accept evry request as long as ur chill. im not afraid 2 block even 4 dumb reasons, thats what the buttons 4

i literally never IM first, SORRY :P

my personality switches up a lot so sorry if that gets confusing, i probs wont IM u the way i type on this blog

my IMs r always open, idc if we never talked u can IM me whenevr. i luv making new friends!

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