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Ranting about my bones/taxidermy :3



I have been collecting bones/taxidermy/wet specimens for about two years now and i wanna talk about some of what i have and projects i have worked on!!! 

my first skull was a mink skull i bought at a horror convention and since then my collection has just grown :). i have decomposed 4 rats {one is still processing currently} that i found (all ethically sourced ofc, love furry friends and would never hurt them<33) as well as making several wet specimens including mostly lizards and one humming bird!! The biggest project i have worked on was a large opossum i found on the side of the road, his name is patrick and although it was difficult he has been successfully decomposed now :]!! i also decomposed a baby opossum who i named stella.

I have bought or been gifted a mink skull, raccon skull, dog skull, 2 fox skulls, muskrat skull, cat skull (hes named marlo<3), horse skull (Winnifred ^v^), a full (small) snake skeleton, a taxidermied mouse with a tiny soda can, a shark wet specimen, and a soft mount taxidermied raccoon (his name is Uther he is my baby<333)

currently i am working on my first taxidermy project, i found a beautiful pocket gopher deceased while on a hike recently and will be taxidermying her within the first few weeks X3

im in school but comment if u want to see pictures of anything and ill post them later!!!

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That's so cool! I've always wanted to get into that stuff bc I have a friend who has a rot bin in the woods and sells bone jewelry and stuff, and I just think they're fun >ᴗ<

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