sad pomegranate poem <3


i tore into you

i opened your skin and scattered your seeds

and i bit into whatever i could reach

because you looked so sweet

with your soft red and glistening seeds

your juice dripped all over my hands and my neck

but i did not care

because you were mine

but when you were gone i was still stained

and stuck with you forever

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only gud pomegranete poem ever

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jesus christ i hope this isn't how you think about all fruits XD

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my boyfriend left me a few days ago due to something similar to this
I didn't realize how badly I was hurting him
He still wants me to get better, and he still loves me
But he wants me to change, just not at his expense

This poem is relateable I love it <3

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thank you im glad you enjoyed it<3
i hope you feel better soon, I know how difficult breakups can be

by wybie :3; ; Report

thank u 3

by Rosesofblood; ; Report