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♡ DNI + BYF ♡

- Basic DNI criteria (Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist)

- Anti Neogenders + Neopronouns

- Proshippers/comshippers

- Holds the belief that fiction cannot affect reality (it does FYI)

- Participates in harassment targeting anyone.

- Makes jokes that demonize people with schizophrenia.

- If you Sexualize minors

- TCC people or supporters

(If you disagree with anything here then don't waste the energy trying to argue with me. We are not forced to interact.) 


- I am an adult.

- I use tone indicators frequently and appreciate it if you do too, to avoid conflict or miscommunication.

- Always open to clarify anything I say!

- I use !!! and emoticons a lot

- A strong believer in being kind

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