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i know i was here for 3 days but i feel like quitting..

i just have a feeling that im not good enough.... but also i feel like if i add someone ABOVE my age  i think they would want me to send n-des so i will probably quit spacehey :<

edit1:DANGGG i  probably wont quit :3(btw still thinking about it)

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i dont know if you'll read this or if it'll make you feel any better
I've been on here for a year and i've only garnered like 18 friends-- i've changed my layout completely at least 10 times, and
ehh... yeah its hard to find people on here. it's not that people don't like you, its more of the website itself + what 2020 did to everyone.

its hard to find people with certain interests, even constantly making posts like "HEY DOES ANYONE LIKE [...]" tend to get little to no acknowledgement. you can search for keywords in someone's name or their profile but i never had any luck with that, either

it's just kinda. intimidating to add someone and then message them

also, ive been on here since i was a minor and i never had any issues with adults sending me nudes. in fact, you cant really send images in the IM without it being a link, so its optional to click on it or not.

this is coming from a young adult btw

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ok thank you rn-

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nooooooooooooo :(

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