Narcissus and Echo- Multiple Poems

Echo's voice echoed across the room, carrying the sweet melody of love lost. She wept over Narcissus, her love so deep it hurt.

His beauty drove the girl to madness; her cries drove him away. Their obsession, a dangerous mix that broke their hearts.

In a twisted dance, love and madness led to their destruction.


Echoing through time,

A call to true love sublime.

The power of this passion,

A love that can drive one mad.

The beautiful Echo,

So perfect, yet sadly lost.

Her heart with Narcissus,

A love that cannot cost.

In a twisted twist of fate,

She was forever cursed.

Her curse a never-ending pain,

To be the shadow of love.


I see in the reflection of the mirror

I fall so deeply into his eyes

I long to taste the sweet nectar

Which calls me closer and closer to the surface

His reflection is all he sees

As I drown in a haze of desire

My body aches for his touch

I long for a sweet taste of love

As I search for the perfect kiss

Our love burns brighter than a thousand suns

I yearn to be enveloped in his warm embrace

My heart beats blindly with passion, as reaches it's fate

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