My Course Result Sheet for Odd Semester of Academic Year 2023/2024 in Indonesia Open University

My KHS (Kartu Hasil Studi or Course Result Sheet in English) for odd semester (my first semester) of academic year 2023/2024 in Indonesia Open University. I got a GPA of 3.68 for my first semester, it exceeds the target I made previously, to get a GPA of 3.50. Yokatta, thank you for myself.

I first said this to one of my best friends and she was very happy with it. Semester grades are out from 31 January, 2023 but they are still temporary and can still be changed by students who want to change them until 7 February, 2024 when the grades can no longer be changed. 

My reaction was normal when I saw my GPA. Just stay relaxed, whatever the result, I will accept it. Now I'm waiting for the course result sheet for the even semester (even though the even semester lectures haven't started yet).

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