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Might be getting a job soon!

I dont Blog much on here but i wanted to say i maybe gatting a job in a few weeks ive been working with my citys job coach program and after a series of test last thursday to see what disabillties i have and i guess so they are sure i do have the things i claim to have , my job coach said after she finishes her paperwork report which she said would take a maxium of 2 weeks that we would start to look for jobs i hope i dont get the run around like the last state ive lived in its been 4 years since march of 2020 when i was last employed and its been one hell of a boring time with too much time to think about stuff that ultimately ends up making me more depressed the more i think about it ,

If anyone cares let me know and ill be sure to make another blog post about this when i hear more most likely later this week or early next week!

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Thats great news! Hope you will get job very soon, keep us in touch! Phehe

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