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these tcc people and gore people man.

- I don't get why TCC people want to harm people with flashing lights, and people putting up terrible photos and the fact that this happens every single day is just sick and cruel, you know you're gonna get suspended but, how do these people not get bored of this? They just do it for fun, they think it's fun to put their profile pictures as school shooters or theme when people's innocent lives have died from these people, and these people think it's cool. That's just sick. Spacehey needs more moderators at least 10 or more, who are active that could fix the problem to the raids of the same people. Even the weird names and attacking people too! like is it necessary to even do that, putting your profile picture as scars with slurs? These people know what's allowed and not allowed, and they still do it. Most of the TCC people who just do this every single day are: Gee / Cal, Asher, and maybe some more but that's all I can think of even Hooterbby has to repeat themselves about the rules too. We cannot have a normal day without these accounts coming back.

- These Gore ACCS to it's so nervewracking seeing the same user, post a image of an arm with scars or with the "Im doing something bad to a specific person" Like please just get off of spacehey, none of us wanna see that image of random cut scars of blood. Even with them saying those things is cruel to that person. Telling them to die or even telling them to post their suicide on social media? Wow, they really have grudges against that person. 

- Personally, I feel like Spacehey should do this thing where they cannot make any more accounts with the device they are using/email they used to make the account, and maybe more moderators? 

- The best thing we can do is just report these people as fast as we can, and get them suspeted. Even though they just come back and do it again and again, or avoid them just don't pay attention to them, just report them and just move on. Unless those weird flashing lights are there, the mods actually ban those types of people (I think-)

- To the TCC people and Gore ACCS: Spacehey isn't the place for you to express yourself like that I don't wanna see random gore raids every single day. Stop holding on to your grudge and sticking to spacehey, when the only thing you're gonna get out of it is being suspended and you just do it again, doesn't that get boring? Personally, I would've moved on if I were those people.

- Alright thanks for taking your time and reading this. You can write your opinion in the comments too, I would be glad to listen to them.

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this is so real!! also pure vanilla pfp spotted

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Yeah, the fact that people put their pfp as a guy with their neck cut off with the flashing lights to hurt our eyes, sometimes is just so weird and cruel.

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