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Hi! I'm Orel!

This is a list of my likes, dislikes, how i think, what I do, etc.


NSFW Accounts

Pro-Self Harm/Eating Disorders

Proshippers, pedophiles, etc. (You're all the same!)

Racist, LGBTQIA-Phobic, TERF, Transmed, etc.

If you like DSMP, Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, Genshin Impact

Endogenic Psychotics/Systems


Tommy x Doughy, Joe x Doughy, Doughy x Anyone Else than me lol

@Akrasia_Achilles [IG]/@Herazbabytooth [Ao3]/Ach [https://spacehey.com/profile?id=2495273] (Hate from Moralton)

@Mariana_Arts1029 [IG]


I draw SELF HARM!! I don't draw it actively being done/bleeding out but I do draw it as a dried out wound/scars

I don't really TW anything but I don't draw much farther than physical/emotional abuse, self harm/eating disorder themes, and GORE!!

I'm CRAZY !! (Psychosis, BPD, Autism, RAD, etc.)

I love Doughy so much really . so much . Please In terac t oojjmu hosh

I swear . like a lot especially when my emotions are heightened but I don't usually

I don't think that fictives are doubles of whatever I am (an IRL but I def consider it just me) but they still freak me out for some reason

!Thinking Crazy!

I don't believe in kinnies having doubles (otherkin, fictionkin, etc are different stories I think ?? but generally I do not), but kinnies who wear it like a badge and try to actually be them are total icks/impostors to me!

My morals are extremely strong and I have a severe sense of justice/self-righteousness!

I lack a lot of basic human sympathy/empathy etc. because of my BPD but I've never meant to hurt anyone unless I made it clear I hate them

Tone tags are helpful!! I can usually tell tone but if I appear confused please start using even basic ones like «/j, /srs, /hj, /gen, /genq»

!What's Up!

I'm not much of a talker since everyone I've let into my life that wasn't any of my friends (Joe, Tommy, etc.) have ended up being horrible people, so it's hard for me to want to genuinely socialize with a person

I traumadump without knowing a lot so pleasee shut me down if it's a bit much

I'm extremely confrontational! If we have an issue 9 times out of 10 I will want to hold you down and talk it out

*Lots more active on Instagram! My Carrd is cooler 🐕‍🦺*

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Uhh hiya! sorry for bothering ya, but you uh seem cool?

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