rant about sonic prime yay

Hiii everyone!!! I'm back with my rants after way too long!!! Anyways, today I want to talk about Sonic Prime and why I don't really like that show...

Sonic Prime is the latest Sonic animated series and is very popular show among Sonic fans. Despite its popularity, I personally think that it's a very flawed show and it has lots of core issues with both its writing and animation.

My 1st issue with this show it that it's really uncreative. The shatterverses are very generic (dystopian city, pirate boat and forest), the idea of having Tails (well it's tecnically Nine but whatever) to turn against Sonic was already done before (and way better in my opinion) by the Archie Comics and even Chaos Sonic, one of few original characters from Sonic Prime is basically just Shard from the Archie Comics with a different shell. (and I would say that the concept of planets having a shard that keeps everything together really sounds like the planet eggs from Sonic X but comapring one thing to another is a bit of a stretch so)

Now let's talk about the animation. Sonic Prime's animation is not bad, per sรฉ, but its style bothers me a bit. It tries to apply the squach and stretch method of 2D animating in 3D like Spiderverse did, but I don't think they did it right. Why? It's simple: squash and stretch works because its's usally animated in 2s (for the people who don't animate, the concept of animating in 2s is having two frames that look the exact same and then progressing to a different movement) as it gives dynamic to movement that would look stiff otherwise. It works in 3D on Spiderverse exacly because that movie was mostly animated in 2s (I won't be going too deep on Hobie's animation process since this blog post isn't about that), but this isn't the case for Sonic Prime. Sonic Prime has the animating in 1s approach that 3D animation usually has so the movement looks as realist and smooth as possible, but then it has very extreme squash and stretch that really didn't need to be there, and it jsut makes the characters look like they're made out of rubber or any squishy material instead of flesh and bones. And to make things "worse", the wat Sonic's quills are textures only make him look even more like a plastic toy.

Another thing that bothers me on this show is that Rouge is there for no reason, basically. Each shatterverse is for one character to truly shine in there (being New Yoke for Tails, the forest one for Amy and the pirates one for Knuckles) but there's no shatterverse for Rouge. And to add more salt to the wound, her personality in every shatterverse is just a clichรฉ action girl, without all her defining traits. Why is she even there then? So the producers can say that the show doesn't suffer from Smurfette's Symdrome??? If it was for that, than she shouldn't even be on that show.

But what do I know, right? I'm just a teen with a spacehey blog not a movie critic so

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I completely agree that the shatterverses are boring, they could have done so much more with this concept, When I first watched the show I thought that the shatterverses would be based on different aspects of the characters personalities, which IMO is not a bad idea, but no as you said they are just in generic pirate world or whatever.
I agree Rouge's personality could have been more fleshed out, but I think she deserves to be there just because we don't see her a lot in the games.
Overall the show just felt pointless to me, from the ending I got the implication that the shatterverses no longer existed because of the prism being put together again, but it was never really explained, so I didn't really get it.... that's just my opinion, and I enjoyed reading yours too

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Honestly true, Rouge isn't in many games, but I prefer seeing that a character doesn't get used than seeing it just there bcs then they're just throwing budget money away to animate her instead of spending it in the actual story

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also something that didn't make sense to me is in the jungle forest thing rouge still had some sort of eyeshadow wouldn't she just be rugged? (unless she used some sort of plant to create the look but even then wouldn't it be messy or whateva) the new yoke rouge one looks like its a more natural soft glam look that makes it closer to her eyelid color but yk still makeup times

imo shadow and rouge being there didn't make much sense to me since shadow was floating in space most of the time and rouge is just in different fonts but generally the same idk rouge has the same vibe female characters do in a zombie apocalypse , hairless,clean etc despite materials are limited

not even amy had eyeshadow

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Well Shadow ends up doing wayyy more in season 3, the other ones he was just there, like Rouge, but at least they didn't make him the edgelord he is in the latest games or comics so

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