unfinished art I don't plan to finish + commission wip :3

hello!! I'm trying to get back into drawing :] but sadly, I struggle to finish my art... although I am trying, I always end up reaching a point where I don't know how to continue or I already lost interest, but still I would like to share this art with you!!!

this drawing I'm actually really happy with, but I don't wanna finish it :P it took a long time and I just don't wanna spend anymore time in it! I had a lot of fun though, I almost never render art in general, so I learned a lot ^-^

this next drawing is one I do wanna finish someday, it's just a sketch for now but I had so much fun sketching it!! I do think it will be complicated to finish it though X_X

ngl this next one is a lil bit sus but it's ok cuz I had fun drawing it, initially it was supposed to be a pfp of Bee (my oc) being nervous, but I had to add the chain cuz idk I'm weird ig!!!!! don't judge me!!!! also I tried something new with the lineart on this one, can you tell?

and last is a WIP for a lil nitro commission I'm doing ^-^ I like how it's turning out and I hope my friend likes it too!!

thank u for lookin' at my art :3 I know I should draw more but drawing is hard and I don't always enjoy the process!!! if u got art yourselves I'd love to see it ^-^

love u all, stay safe :3

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Genuinely all of this looks super good !! 3rd one is literally me

But yea I get not really being sure how to continue your art. I consider music to be my main artform, but I haven't done much with it as of the last few months, and what's helped me feel satisfied is reaching out into other forms of creative expression. For me, I've been working on a game, but it could really be anything! Crafts, music, photography, writing, really anything helps for me, as long as I'm creating.

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