Alice: Autumn

Life is strange to a certain extent, Alice mused as she stared out her bedroom window. A timid autumn breeze danced through the air, lightly brushing against her cheeks. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the earthy scent that signaled summer's end.

Alice had always loved autumn, even as a young child. While her friends looked forward to the freedom of summer, she found herself counting down the days until September. For Alice, autumn represented a season of tranquility and preparation before the cold, harsh winter months.

The reason behind her affinity for autumn was a mystery, even to Alice herself. Perhaps it was the coziness of sweaters and warm drinks that appealed to her. Or maybe it was the dazzling display of orange, red, and yellow leaves, so vivid against the graying sky.

Whatever the case, Alice welcomed the autumn season with open arms. After a long, chaotic summer filled with obligations and irritations, autumn delivered a sense of relief. The slowed pace and muted colors brought peace to Alice's restless mind.

Autumn delivered a much-needed respite before the looming troubles of winter. While others saw autumn as a mere segue between summer and the holidays, for Alice it was so much more. Autumn was a season of tranquility, preparation, and possibilities.

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