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I'm so fucking done with spacehey peace out

God this website has gone to shit so hard. This website when I joined it (less than a year ago) was cool. It was a place where people could chill, talk about stuff they enjoyed, make cool layouts, and just have fun talking to others. There were small arguments and drama but it wasn't that bad. But now its just so fucking negative all the time. Every time you see the blog section it's just people complaining about random shit and politics. The website used to be better than all the other social medias letting people customize their profiles and make blogs and whatnot. But now I'd honestly rather be on twitter because its more positive. 

Not to mention the damn new people account spammers. I really don't see the point of doing that other than just cause you're bored and an asshole. As if someone who supports trans people or whatever is gonna see "R*PING TRANS PUSSIES" in the cool new people tab and think "ya know what yeah I changed my mind that might actually be nice" maybe the goal is to make the targeted group feel bad but like it's not like its personal in any way so can't really make you feel that bad.

Also, while I get the spachey creator (forgot his name) is a single guy trying to work on all of spacehey but the problems with the site and not the people are also bad. Like I get it's hard to do things as one person but the problems that people were complaining about 6 months ago when I was active are still here and still being complained about.

Anyways, That was a big old rant about a buncha stuff. Peace out

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