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What I've Been Up To

Hiiii everyone- not gunna do the typing quirks I usually do. It's hard for me to keep it up atm- i'll just stick to how i usually type on other places.


I'm soooo nervous. Next week, on thursday, a Video game I have worked on is coming out!! We're in a hugeeee final push, and our programmers are going nuts. They're working really really hard and it's mega impressive, but I can't wait till we can all chill out and get a good break before our next project. This game I can talk about a bit, and if you're curious, you can take a look at it on Steam!! It's calledĀ Slave Zero X. It's pretty much coming out on everything, despite that being a really really difficult thing to do...

Besides that game, I'm still doing work for another group as well. I can't say this one due to NDA here, but it's soooo fun and good to get to work on that too. I've been so happy with my coworkers and bosses honestly?? Which is such a blessing since i've had to deal with real bad situations before @@;;;

So i've been real busy with my game dev job stuff to the point i've spent a bit less on a handful of sites and stuff.. I promise im not tryin to ignore any of yall!! Just got a busy life but I am okay and good <3

I hope you are all doing well!!

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