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ohh, THAT'S what Valve can do for Portal 3

(Spoilers for the previous Portal games)

so, at the end of Portal 2, GLaDOS deleted Caroline, right?

but what if she never actually deleted Caroline?

ok, hear me out:

she never deleted Caroline because beneath all the abstractions, you are you, and nothing can change that

in spite of being forcefully removed from Aperture, Chell goes right back in to help GLaDOS come to terms with the fact that she is still herself because Chell knows that Caroline is still there (edit: and because GLaDOS' bribe didn't work)

I've always found the ending of Portal 2 unsatisfying because GLaDOS deleted Caroline (or because I didn't want the game to end)

but now I realize that it could be the beginning of yet another Portal game

and that makes me kind of excited

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Bottle O' Glue

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idk about gameplay mechanics, but it's Valve they'll figure something out
as long as it isn't some procedural generation thing I'll be happy

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