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How it feels like checking the "cool new people" section

Anyways, what's up with the gore? 

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!ScreamingMoths! {Dutch/English}

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bro i dont even know whats goin on anymore- i have seen too much on there;-;

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literally saw someone with a user like "yaoi balls" and was like lol thats funny and them BOOM it was just straight-up gore....

anyway now im like 20x more careful and i dont even click on the users that pop up there so :33

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DAMN they're getting smarter, i would've clicked on yaoi balls

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It feels like this site's moderation is very lax since graphic stuff is kept up longer than needed. I understand this site is a labour of love but maybe more volunteers to moderate or smth >__<

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yeah :/ or maybe a system that can recognize graphic content and flag it out but that might bring problems

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rosalba :3

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it's like people have nothing better to do than share bloody images on a myspace ripoff

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yeah it's weird. i saw one who's profile name was talking shit about someone, another one going "don't fall for their lies" something something and i'm wondering if it's either some drama or edgelords trying to shock people

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i wouldnt be surprised if it was drama but either way exasperating lmfao

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