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image tutorial!

hi everyone! it's been awhile since i've posted so heres my treat. my friends have been asking for a image tutorial so you shall recieve!<3

so you want to write your bulletin first; im using the app for this.

the first way, and easiest way to add an image is to go on your local web browser and search for what youre looking for! in this case i want a funny picture of a dazai plushie.

 i want to add the first one, so i hold down on the image and click copy!

then you'll want to stumble back on over to your bulletin, and press the box on the far left corner, it looks a bit like a window. a menu will pop up asking for a url link, in here you will want to paste in your image, by holding the flashing | and clicking paste. 

a link will paste in and you will want to press confirm! and there he is! my pookie! if your images are placed in a weird way / a way you dont want it to be in, just delete the image and click at the bottom of the page to add the image so it isnt aligned with the text.

that was for safari images, its a little more complex if you want to upload a custom image. the general idea is the same however you need your own custom url. but summer, how do i do that?

go back on to your web browser, youll need find to find a website that you can upload images on to. if you are on desktop id recommend, however if youre on mobile, like me, i recommend using theyre both quick and snappy to use and easy (i find imgur to be the best however it isnt really mobile friendly) 


when youre on imgbb, click start uploading. itll ask you for your file preference, im choosing photo library. for my image i picked out a photo of welsh dazai!! (so real)

 anyways, below your chosen image will be a box that asks whether you want it to auto delete, click never (you dont want your image disappearing) then you can click upload!

once it uploads, ignore the embed link, it doesnt work for what we want. actually you'll want to click the image in the middle again. (i held it down here to show you what you need to click but dont hold it down) 

when it expands into a fullscreen photo, you can now hold it down to press copy once again. go to your blog/bulletin, find the window button and paste your link in by holding the flashy | symbol. there you have it! your custom image!

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