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game idea

ok I got this game idea that I think could work

so, you're some sort of ninja or some shit, and it's semi-open world

you have very fluid movement that feels really nice and responsive

there would be different areas with different themes to each of them (a japanese-inspired village, a fire-filled jungle type thing, a desolate and destroyed area, and some others)

the destroyed area would be traversable from one end to the other, and it would be kind of a playground for the movement

you would be able to throw ninja stars or something and it would kinda be similar to a shotgun, but you could do a small, simple minigame to increase accuracy

I have an idea for the story, but I'm gonna keep that to myself until I feel it's good enough to share (I'll write a vignette or something later)

and that's the extent of the idea, at least for now

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