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dni list.

hi, i took this dni list from my best friend daniel :3

anti sem/racist

israel supporters (no more genocide to palestine)

toxic fandoms  (ranfren, pjsk, kpop, genshin impact, or even things related to my fandoms that are just. no.)

pick me's (girls, boys, aliens, whatever just dont come to me dear god)


weird fandoms (ranfren pjsk kpop genshin impact)

pedos/zoophiles/true fur furrys

shtwt/edtwt/actwt/satwt anything related to sick ppl trying to normalize crimes or mental dissorders on twitter.. X ... whatever that app its called bruv

SA content/related that means u are into it, if ur victim there is no problem

nsfw support/creators/artists


gore fans (only support on art, videogames and books, nothing irl)

religious (christian, catholic, evangelical) TOXIC ONLY!

toxic vegans (as a vegetarian myself)

PETA supporters (they kill animals, bffr)

haters (of any group that doesnt hurt society like furrys/therians or more like this)

com/proshipping/lolicon/shotacon/BL/GL fans (mostly jinx fans)

americans white supremacy and trump voters.

also to add 

n4z1s (pls get away from me.)

true crime ppl who idol this ppl (jeffrey dahmer, charles manson and more)

wilbur soot/dream/george not found supporters!! nothing related to dsmp just jschlatt pls,, and also respect his boundries as a creator of content and stuff

i dont like when someone tries to do or be sm w me,, im not interested!! im married and have an adopted child on me so,, pls quit it :)

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