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During the pandemic, I really got into plants. What was then a hobby is now an obsession. I currently have over 70 plants in my small apartment in Mexico City. It's not easy not to buy them when there are plant stores or people selling plants all over the city. 

My goal is to have an indoor jungle in my apartment. I just love watching them grow and taking care of them. Waking up in the mornings and noticing new growth is one of the best feelings ever... and the more plants you have, the more of that feeling that you get. 

I wanted to share some of the many plants in my apartment.

 IMG_20240204_191331.jpeg 2024-02-03T15_41_13-06_00.jpeg 2024-02-15T15_37_56-06_00.jpeg IMG_20240203_154624.jpeg IMG_20240203_154629.jpeg 

Are you a plant person?

Do you have any of those plants?

What is your favorite plant/tree?

PS: SpaceHey should have a nature/plants category for blogs. 

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