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dni :3

thought i’d make a dni list! cause some of yall are weird. 

might add more later :3

1. adults. 

i am a minor, please don’t add me if you are an adult. i’m cool with 14-18 year olds adding me! but like if you’re 23.. get out! except i had some people who were 18, soon turning 19, and i think that’s okay!! just tired of these 30 year old bald men adding me. 

2. freaks!

if you have your spacehey profile theme as a murderer, like a serial killer or school shooter, you’re weird! what went wrong in your childhood? get off my page!! even if you think they’re bad but still have them on your profile.. i hate you. :3 i enjoy true crime, but not FOR the killers! ESPECIALLY IF UR EUROPEAN SO YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH IDOLIZING AMERICAN SCHOOL SHOOTERS!!!! 


3. kind of stoners/drinkers/smokers/druggies

i actually don’t care if yall add me! just know im against it 

4. the usual racists/homophobes/etc 

obviously stay off my page. also freaks. 

5. groups/artists

if you promote ur music on spacehey that’s cool, but pls don’t add me! i don’t have time to figure out how old everyone from ur band is and im really just not interested, sorry! <3

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