How My Valentines Day Went

i was hanging out with this girl i met on r/HauntedMound and so after watching a movie she took me into her room and layed down. she started saying how i only wanted to use her to do her and so i said "nooooooooo that's not true" ( it was ) and started cuddling with her. she cuddled back and started to tell some long story which i payed no attention to.

so she goes "what do you think i should do?" and i said "what? i wasn't listening" and so she pushed me out of the bed and told me to f off. i was like "ah come on dont be like that". so i take this bottle of water i'm holding and hold it over her head and i was going to let a droplet fall out onto her face while she was laying there with her eyes closed ( i don't know why i thought it would be a good idea to do this to an enraged woman ). she looked up before i could let the droplet fall off and jumped to her feet and straight up punched me in the face.

i then felt it would be a good idea to point the water bottle in her face and spray it.

this provoked her even more so she pushed me back onto her room mate's bed and punched me again. i reacted by lifting both of my feet and planting them in her chest as hard as i could, sending her flying back 10 feet into her room mate's desk. i got up, looked at her sitting there dazed in a pile of furniture and books, said "you're a crazy b!tch" and walked back to my car and went home.

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omg she sounds mentally unwell :(( so glad you got out of there. Physical assault is NEVER okay.

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