i hate modern social media sm :(

The way we normalize being mean towards other ppl in the internet is insane. Sometimes i just wanna open tiktok and watch silly vids but there's always someone leaving hate comments just for fun or 2 make ppl hurt. :(( Why can't everyone just let the others have fun? there's literally no need to be so mean just bc they all don't like something, they could just skip the post and watch smth they like, but no, they all decide to comment smth that's obviously going to make the person sad or angry just bc their tastes don't match the person's. It's actually starting to get annoying bc you can't even enjoy a video without  someone just ruining everything, and it's rlly disappointing bc you're supossed 2 be yourself and express yourself without having the fear of being judged, and you just can't do it anymore,,, i rlly wanna go back to that time when there was much less hate than rn, and we could all just enjoy ourselves :((

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jamiehhh is ded

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maheen :3

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this is so real

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