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Choeur Des Morts Goth night set list AND pics!

I had a WONDERFUL time Dj-ing our last goth night! Here is the set list and some pics. I apologize for being SUPER behind. All bands bandcamps and music pages will be linked in their names. Please go support if you can. 🖤

 1.Cat People - Gothzilla
 2.Shoot to Kill - Gloin
 3.Nazi Goths, Fuck Off - Suzi Sabotage
 4.SHADOW{With Goo Monday} - Sidewalks and Skeletons
 5.Blood Dance - Blood Dance
 6.Where Have All The Bats Gone? - Kid Army
 7.Queen of Hearts -DELUXXE
 8.Deadly Desert - Allie Frost
 9.Silent Monster [The Other Side of the Mirror] - Echoberyl
 10.Your True Self - Square Hollow
 11.Just a Ghost - Rayne Raznor& To The Stars We Return 
 12.Rise - Nosferatu
 13.Let's Make Out - BLED
 14.The Witch Will Say - Tourmaline Bats
 15.Beautiful Dead - Luna Rouge
 16.I Can't Find My Black Lipstick - Pleasure Venom
 17.The Burning Woods - The Waning Moon
 18.Wrath of the Lamb - TRVTH x mhls
 19.No Gods - WitchHands
 20.I Did Not Know {feat Solar Fake} - Faderhead
 21.Mannequin - twice dark
 23.Diabolical - Nyxx
 24.Ruins - O.Children
 25.S.O.S - Romeo Void
 26. Tripping the Rift - Batboner


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