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Long intro post, I'm sorry 😭

Name: Toby / Alien / Donny / Duck / Toffee - No preference!

Age: 21 years old :']

Pronouns: He/they are my main pronouns, but I also use play/plays and paw/paws neopronouns

Gender: Trans FtM, boyflux + a few xenogenders!

Sexuality: Gay, demirose, and ambiamorous

Relationship Status: Taken, one partner, and I'm not looking for more atm

Nationality: White American 😔

B-Day: August 23rd :3

Zodiac: Virgo sun, pisces moon, and scorpio rising

Likes: Self shipping and my FOs* :3 Drawing, roleplaying, snacking, and music

Dislikes: Rude and gross people, heights, fish, and bad headcanons

* FO means fictional other! Like a significant other, but fictional!

Please interact with me if you're a self shipper!! I love seeing others who love fictional characters as much as I do :3 It's so cool seeing others a part of my favorite community outside of Tumblr!!

I'll make another blog post with my FOs and self ships soon :3


I don't want proshippers/comshippers/darkshippers, or whatever they're calling themselves to interact with me whatsoever. You guys are disgusting. Just like the TCC that glorify actual murderers and heinous freaks. Do NOT interact with me. My account is not for you.

ED/SH glorifiers and fatphobes go away and never come back :] I'm fat, happy, and love my chub and I don't need you weirdos crawling all over my content. Learn to accept fat people existing before talking to me, please! Fat is not a bad thing, and it never will be!!

Please don't interact with me if you kin any of my FOs or if you talk a lot about fictionkinning. It's genuinely a trigger of mine, and being triggered is never a fun experience for anyone

I would prefer it if my interactions were with those older than 16. I'd rather only adults interact with me, but the demographic of this site does NOT provide that 😭 (lighthearted)

*・゚ Carrd - - Rentry - Tumblr ・゚*

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