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LLL: Live, Lie, Lash Out

what’s up everyone 

guess who’s back and better than evah???

not me ;-;

as of right now i’m sick and in bed listening to Rehab by Amy Winehouse

i’ve been feeling like this since sunday which sucks

oh my gosh almost forgot

happy 2024 :D

let’s hope we don’t get thrown into another nuclear war before summer cuz i’m tryna give EVERYTHING this year 

i cant believe imma be 20 in 3 years omg or that i graduate next year 

i’m pretty scared about that tbh

at least i’ve got music, my bf and my cat to keep me happy


man i’ll be honest

when you’re sick being alone sucks ass 


i have an idea

imma ask my mom to buy me popsicles for my cough

don’t ask me how that logic works

i don’t work here 

i just have the health issues lmaooo

anyways till summer when i randomly remember i have this blog

toodles :D

~ xxajluvskittiesxx

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