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my pet peeves

dont take it personally if you do some of these its just weird shit in my brain that makes me dislike it

using “he or she” instead of just “they”

AGHHHHHHH this one pisses me off… like its 2024 and youre still usin this contrived ass phrase instead of the ONE WORD THAT COULD EASILY SERVE AS A SUBSTITUTE????????????

its FUCKING THEY!!!!!!!!! THEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

the terms “VHS tape” and “cassette tape”

this ones kinda just a nitpick on my part cause like… yeah… its a fuckin tape… but my brain just goes NO!!!!!!! ITS A VHS *CASSETTE*!!!!!!!!!! THE TAPE IS WHATS INSIDE THE CASSETTE!!!!!!!!!!

its like “hair” vs “hairs”… you dont use “hairs” to refer to a person’s hair so why do you use “tape” to refer to the whole unit???????

again its just cause im a nerd so this one isnt that serious

the word “zesty”

i remember in my ASL 1 class we were watching mr. holland’s opus and it cut to this scene of two male students holding hands, then i heard this girl go “that’s literally so zesty”… um… theyre just fuckin gay?????????

i feel like this one just boils down to the state of being gay being used as an insult

“all rap is the same” people

ok then by that logic my chemical romance and billy joel are the same cause theyre both rock

usually when someone says this theyre referring to “mumble rap” (which is the term for “modern” rap) and they start talkin bout “classic rap” like 2pac and eminem… even though you know DAMN well if they were around for that they would be callin it “thug music” and sayin its “not real music”

im not listening to someone who considers wu-tang clan and tay-k as the same exact genre

the word “woke”

the moment i hear that word used in a political context i just tune out… cause a lot of the time you’ll hear this word be used to refer to damn near ANYTHING… like if anyone thats not a white cishet ablebodied male pops up on their TV they shit their pants

i remember some guy said marvel was woke cause they casted peter dinklage to play the dwarf character (please lmk if that word isnt ok to use, ive done some research and apparently its preferred over the absolute no-no word but my sources might be unreliable) that forged thor’s new weapon… but that character originated from the marvel comics that, get this, had a dwarf character that forged thor’s new weapon, which themselves were adapted from, get this, norse mythology, which FUCKING HAD DWARVES IT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fellas, is it woke to exist?

having to pull out a separate sheet of paper for my geometry homework because there’s not enough space in my book

ok this one’s really specific so bear with me

im a lazy bitch so i try to minimize the amount of shit i have to do as much as possible… this includes how many papers i have to keep track of. ideally i’ll just have my geometry book which’ll have all my work on it. but sometimes i’ll have a stupid ass problem to do and the work is just too much to fit next to it so i’m FORCED to pull out a separate sheet of paper, and to me it just feels like i’m admitting defeat. like UGHHHHHHH FIIIIIIIIINE i’ll grab another sheet of paper

today was especially bad… i had to pull out lined paper to do the work on, AND i had to pull out graphing paper to graph the fucking points i just solved for

*that* subset of teenage boys

for the sake of my safety i have to present myself as a teenage boy (counting the days until i dont have 2 hide no more) and you would not BELIEVE the shit teenage boys will do and say just because theyre not preoccupied with barking and shouting slurs at you

mfs will be gettin all touchy feely and flirty with their homies, theyll be sayin the most unhinged and devious shit, theyll be all nasty and shit, the whole kit and caboodle

dont get me wrong, some teenage boys are cool… i got a homeboy who although im not out as trans 2 him yet we’re on the same wavelength forreal

obscure shit i like getting popular

nah cause yall dont understand. yall remember when stay with me / mayonaka no door by miki matsubara was trending on tiktok, back in like december 2020? when everyone was filming their moms talkin bout “they say that every japanese mom from the 80s knows this song?”

i had that song DOWNLOADED… ON MY PHONE… SINCE AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you could not understand the fear i have for something i love becoming bastardized. i dread the day that nightbird by kalapana becomes “kalapana - nightbird (‘loneliness can dull the shine of even the bright moonlight’) (sped up)”. i dread the day my favorite SCP becomes a silly creature.

oh and now that lost song “everyone knows that” is trending on tiktok… and sure its like maybe now more people can help with the search but NO THEY ARENT. NO you cant shazam it, NO you cant just look it up, and NO your dad didnt fuckin hear it

look im not the gatekeeping type… if you ask me about my music taste i will gladly yap about gil scott-heron and j dilla and kalapana for hours. but TRENDINESS is where i draw the line. i will NOT lose ANYTHING to the sped up pandemic.

burlington shirts at the thrift

every time i go thrifting i always see at least half a rack’s worth of shirts that say shit like “VIBE” or “BOSS” or its got a car and random japanese text on it


its not like its all ive found… ive had some good finds. but that shit pales in comparison to the buttload of burlington shirts

dont get it twisted, theres nothing wrong with shopping at burlington. i understand cause its affordable and shit. but man if i wanted to buy burlington clothes i would just go to burlington

my jeans not cooperating with me

man i LOVE baggy jeans. i got my first pair back in like june of 23 and i CANNOT go back to my own size.

but if theres one thing i dont like its that they just DONT COOPERATE WITH ME!!!!!!

a lot of the time the main problem is that the legs will slide under my shoes so its awkward to walk and im fucking em up and i look stupid. but theres OTHER shit, like the fact that im a size 34 at best wearing a size 50 meaning the waist scrunches when i put my belt on and it looks STUPID!!!!! and the worst part is when the front scrunches and i look like i got the biggest fuckin boner EVER and its like AAAAAAAAA WHAT THE FUCK???????????????

“sped up” songs

its NIGHTCORE!!!!!!!!! NIGHTCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS CALLED. NIGHTCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this how you know its over for your favorite song and youll be accused of having “tiktok music taste” for listening to it… imagine my horror when japanese city pop went big on tiktok for like a month and then all you’d hear was stay with me and flyday chinatown sped up or turned into a drill beat

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