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everything… sucks?

everything j feels like it’s getting shittier and shittier. like the games i used to enjoy suck, the music feels dead, food tasted like fuckin ass, like i dont rlly know why. idk ive tried trying new things but they j suck too. i think ill j sleep at least that doesnt suck. or vodka. yk what im gna go get a bottle. jesus what has life come too? its funny i write this n i dont rlly think of anyone reading it but yet its out there yk? idk i keep this blog for myself and any aliens who r looking for test subjects. (pls take me). on a real note im manifesting the mail man delivers my package today itd make me so happy. (kinda the packages job tbh). fuck its half 8 ive not slept, well if anyone does happen to get to the end of this, er good morning! im off to bed bye bye :3

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