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Life hanging in a balance

Work//Stress//Life balance

I've been moving a lot lately for work. From one apartment to another, I have to clean and move my stuff around just so I can do my on-call night duties after my day shifts at both properties for the hotel I work for. 

It's a massive headache and I honestly want out. There just aren't many alternatives. 

I do hotel front desk, night auditing, purchasing, reservations, and a bit of admin work all in all. I have taken on several roles and I'm really stressed out. My depression and anxiety are through the roof and it has severely affected my alcoholism. Of which I am taking steps to get on top of. 

I have spoken to different counsellors regarding my mental health, alcoholism, and financial/debt management. But I need regular therapy for my mental health and I reckon I need plenty of rest off from work. Either they give me the rest I need or hopefully I get a better opportunity elsewhere. 

I really don't know what I'm doing with my life at the moment. And I'm pretty sure no one really ever does. 

Maybe I'll write a song about it or just ride it all out. 
Whatever I decide to do next, I'll decide to make it an adventure. 

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