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hey, spacehey.

hi, everyone sorry for not being that active here but don't worry I still like Spacehey. However I won't be posting art here as often anymore because I feel like it's a bit odd trying to do it but don't worry I desided post it elsewhere like Bluesky, DeviantArt, and elsewhere too.

I will still be here on Spacehey, I am not going anywhere so no need to worry. ;)

I hope I can find some nice people here in Spacehey to make it feel like I'm in the 2000s.

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Nothing more 2000s than a cup of baja blast, pizza rolls, and an Xbox running Battlefront II.

In fact, perhaps if you are interested, xlink provides the ability to still play multiplayer on such gems of games. (We truly do wish for more players. /|㇏^•ᵥᵥ•^ノ|\)

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nah, I'm just fine

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