💋🔥📔🙎🏼‍♀️👚 MEAN GIRLS truly ATE and LEFT NO CRUMBS!

so i already watched the musical remake of Mean Girls yesterday at the cinemas and all i can say is that it is truly FETCH! i love that they put a musical kick to a very ICONIC movie like it's even more put a vibe to it. i also like how the movie is still relevant in today's time, the only difference is of course they have smartphones now, but the main plot of the story remains the same.

the fashion they wear also has a fusion of the Y2K trend and of what we have today. of course since the og one was released in 2004. every actors and actresses truly SLAYEEDDDT their roles, especially Renee Rapp as Regina George, like she is the GOAT! the IT GIRL, eventhough we knew that the og Regina George is still the best! Angourie Rice as Cady Heron also did THAT role pretty well. i love that her innocent looks fits in her character then suddenly when turned into one of the Plastics, she'd still BRING THAT UP. we love someone who is truly versatile of their roles and can handle it pretty well. also can we talk that the Aaron Samuelks we have is truly hawt and good-looking? IDEK why some people didn't find him that attractive. WELL, I GUESS THEY MISSED OUT!

the other people who played especially the one who playued as Karen, eventhough they changed up to the ethnicity, but still you can still see her character as that "dumb blonde' but actually a pretty nice friend to Cady, Karen. Yeah, there is a part of the movie that when Regina and Cady got a feud and Regina got hit by the us, everyone hated Cady because they think that she pushed Regina. But a text message from Karen said that she is still her friend, like that is actually one of the sweetest things you'll ever seen.

from the music, i truly LOVE all the music they sing with, but i truly loved the most is "World Burn" by Renee Rapp. Like dannnggg that high notes of her at the end? that is so IMMACULATE, i also love the ending song of I SEE STARS sung by Angourie Rice during the Spring Fling Ball and sharing the plastic crown to everyone, that actually gives the sparkle to it, and actually has a nice message to it, that you are more unique and rare than any expensive and shiny diamonds existed.

OVERALL, it's a 10/10, but still no one beats the ORIGINAL OONE, bt I love that they really made a remake so that we, the Gen-Zs can now enjoy and relate to it even more! please go watch MEAN GIRLS in your cinemas or maybe in your streaming platforms right now. IT'S TRULY A WORTH TO WATCH! 

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