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Deftones nonsense

Errrmmm hi!! This is gonna be a thing where I jus rant about different deftones performances, interviews, or bts I watch, and yes, I will be updating this probably frequently!11

Yapping begins 

Change BTS

First off, I LUVVV that the vid started off with chi doing the intro cuz I feel like he’s quiet a lot of the time and I never get to hear his voice so I was rlly happy when the first thing I heard when I clicked on the vid was chi speaking!! I also was a bit surprised when chi had said “no one knows what the song is about except chino”, I’m not sure why the meaning of the song would have to be so mysterious and secretive? It also intrigues me even more because this is one of their most poetic songs and I would love to know the underlying meaning of the dark lyrics but guess I would have to ask the man himself to ever know. I also do have to keep in mind the the video is almost 24 years old so he might’ve in that time span actually came out and said what the songs about but I’m not sure (if u know, LEMME KNOW!! I’ve heard too many mixed opinions) I had also felt a bit dumb when I realized what was going on in the music video. I had never really known the full story, but when frank had said that it was basically about a never ending party, one that also specifically goes on for three days, the music video and what happens in the music video makes a lot more sense. The somber atmosphere, everyone being passed out on the ground, barely able to move, and everyone seeming a lot more than just tipsy, the music video had captured the story that chino was aiming for very well, and I’m sad I didn’t realize the true context of the mv sooner. I would’ve appreciated it a lot more if I had known quicker but better late than never I guess. Over all, this bts has changed my view on the song itself and the music video a lot!! It made me appreciate the music video a tons more now knowing what it’s truly about and made me a lot more interested in the song. LOVED IT!1!

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