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happy valentine's day, my darren!

For my pretty darren,

today, i realized that true love hurts sometimes, it does. you are not always going to have only happy moments, happiness is not the only thing you can expect from love. but is the pain worth it all?

if i had to go through that pain a million times, i will happily choose it because it's more than just worth it. in the beginning, i was not sure if i should confess to my love but later i found out it was the best decision i have ever made.

it was only after meeting you i got to know what life really is. it's only i met you, i got to know how it feels to be breathing. it is like i have been dead this entire time.

you are the one. it's you who taught me how to love. it's you who brought me back to life. it's you who was there for me when no one else was. it's you who never gave up on me when everyone else gave up. it has always been you who I have been needing.

so, today, let me take an oath. let me take an oath to never stop loving you. to never leave you no matter what happens. to make sure i will be holding your hand no matter how bad the whole world get, i will never leave your side. because darren, all the love i have, it's all for you.

i know you are insecure about the future. i know you sometimes overthink. i know you fear losing me. i feel no different. i know it's not just attachment because every time I think of you, that's when i really understand how it feels like breathing under an open sky. how it feels like to be loved by someone. how it feels like to not be afraid to lose everything for that one person because that one person, they mean the entire universe to you. the entire universe.

my love for you is far greater than any force in existence. and i wouldn't blink twice to lose everything for you, including myself. all these, these are not just words. these are my emotions. my heart talking to you. all these are promises that i have made to you and myself. because mahal ko, i need nobody but you. better be a life full of misery and pain than not spending my whole life with you.

and i never want you to doubt my love. i never want you to think even for a single second that i might lose you, because you live inside me, every part of me. you took all these broken pieces of me off the ground and loved me back to life.

because it was today, i realized that true love is worth it all.

happy valentine's day, my darren! you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and i love you always! 😚

forever yours, yelena.

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