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Ouuu I wanna animate

I wanna animate so bad but I have commissions to work on </3 can't do anything abt it rn so i'll share some of my silly little animations as a treat (and to distract myself)

this is a snail set of ffxiv characters for my friends :) it's for a snail racing bot on discord LMAO

and there's this one that I reaalllly want to finish of my little baby oc, his name is Tyke and he's half Kaiju :) <3

Edit to add pixel art bc i'm thinking abt it again <3

I forgot I could also share this

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Yooo these are soo cool!! ✨✨

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Thank you!!!!!

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NVM I am horror brained now ooooOOOooo mspaint jumpscare art

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I was actually thinking of making Favicons and other pixel based things for valentines... idk.... maybe. I love doing little mini pixel animations from time to time (I actually have quite a large selection of pixel assets that I enjoy making) so maybehaps.... maybehaps

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