Destroyed by You - Chapter 1

Audrey and Maple were taking a stroll in the forest, when suddenly a folded paper caught their attention. Excitedly, Maple picked it up and opened the paper to read it.The note was strange, saying that there was a hidden world that could only be accessed by train, and that it could be found around 3 AM. Audrey and Maple were filled with curiosity and decided to investigate the mysterious note.They made their way to the train station and eagerly waited for the clock to strike three. As soon as the hands touched three, the station lit up with a strange light, revealing a hidden entrance to the train. They entered the train and it began to move, taking them on an incredible journey to a world they never knew existed. The train traveled onward, but Audrey noticed a strange sign along the tracks. It read: "Welcome to the Weirdcore World." Audrey couldn't believe her eyes. The train came to a sudden stop, and the passengers were informed that there would be a brief layover in this odd place.Maple, on the other hand, claimed to have seen a person following them. However, Audrey refused to believe her friend, accusing Maple of making up bizarre stories. The two started arguing, unaware that they were being watched by dark figures in the shadows.

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